A popular public sculptor is Singapore, Chong fah Cheong was a master of abstract and figurative sculpture, He often preferred to create semi-realistic subjects of people living their lives by the local riverside.

Chong was drawn to art since the age of 4, and was very fond of drawing sketches as an output away from school. His talent continued to grow during his academic occupation at St. Joseph's Institution, however he decided to drop out of school after finishing year 10. He did this to pursue a teaching career with the Lasalle Brothers novitiate in Penang. He spent a total of seven years training as an instructor of education. He became a secular regular again in 1967 and opted to teach at the Teluk Anson school in Malaysia. Later on in his life, Chong continued to pursue art, particularly the artform of sculpture, and was commissioned by Wing Tai Holdings to creatte a jade sculpture over 3000 tonnes in weight. The sculpture was set to be placed at the residence of Tan Yeok Nee. The work was one of Chong's biggest and most notable projects. It was revealed finish during the year 2001

 Sculpture by Chong Fah Cheong - Photography by Sengkang (2006)

Chong's sculptures display a degree of still-life art that captures and holds a sense of emotion in every figure. Each of his artworks that were set-up in a communal place reflects upon the simplistic lifestyle of cultural Singapore. He loved to create art using inspirations that came from day to day life. Chong was even inspired to create sculptures merely by seeing people eating together or children playing with each other.

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