Matchstick art isn't as uncommon these days as you might think. Gladbrook, Iowa actually has a Matchstick Marvel Center that displays many interesting and award-winning contemporary pieces, including the picture in this post- a scaled model of the city of Minas Tirith from the Lord of the Rings Trilogy. There are quite a few famous sculptors out there who create using this unorthodox media, such as David Mach, Jack Hall and Phil Hanson. From sculpted guitars to life-size automobiles, the subjects have no limit.

Basically many of those practicing the craft have mentioned the relation of matches to "building blocks" much as how you would view toys such as Lego or Megablocks, but on a higher difficulty. The ability for matches to function as compatible units in an overall composition is astounding, as you can see by the end product. With the development of new and unique forms of art, I'm happy right here to be able to see the design wonders that can be produced by creative minds all around the globe.