Have any of you ever visited the Wilhelm-Hack-Museum in Ludwigshafen an Rhein? The museum is a cornerstone in German art history and houses many of the great masters of the country's various art movements. Near to this esteemed institution, there is a sculpture called the Endlose Treppe. The English translation of the title is the Endless Steps. It's a tall solid structure made of North American Granite and was created by the popular sculptor; Max Bill, for the philosopher Ernst Bloch in 1991. The sculpture's cubist orientation is actually a deep representation of Bloch's ideals called the "Principles of Hope". The vertically endowed sculpture is composed of 19 steps, which stand nearly 10 meters high.

A prime subject for German-inspired philosophical art; Endlose Treppe, is a modern emblem of visual and metaphysical ideals. Its rigid and robust form was done in coherence with its ascending nature, so as not to disturb the natural pattern. Max Bill is a fascinating creator of strong symbolism and aesthetic thought. His wonderful creation stands as an enduring mark in German history.