A cum laude graduate from the Technical University Delft, Lars Spuybroek is a multi-awarded organic artist that produces works of architectural monuments in clearly modern deviance. Spuybroek started his career in the international architecture community when he unveiled his creation; "water pavilion" on the island of Neeltje Jans. The building was built using two halves as the main composition and made use of silvery material to simulate a sense of a freshwater element in the design. The artistic building was the first of many of Spuybroek's renowned creations, allowing visitors to interact with the interior using transformable lights and sounds. Spuybroek took pride in the structure's fluid and continuous geometrical elements, making sure that the floors, walls and ceilings would meld into a whole body instead of being rigidly joint like normal rooms often are.

His work in the Netherlands, the "D-tower" is a bright red interactive structure symbolizing the dominant placement of love in our psychological set of emotions. Despite many of his out-of-this-world designs, Spuybroek consistently rejects a connection to futurism. He prides himself on the delicate bodily forms of every creation in their own unique style, and also hopes that the ability of mass customization will be available to many societies. This concept entails the majority-spreading of unique designs into our population instead of the current mass-produced routine designs that come from standard factories.

Spuybroek was a recipient of the Archiprix award and the Iakov Chernikov Award for his outstanding understanding of both art and architecture. He was also a well-known teacher at established institutions like the University of Kassel in Germany and the Columbia University in New York City.

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    Nice to see this master design of architectural sculpture here. I like the design of red.
    dean graziosi

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