Lawrence Beck; a.k.a "Larry" Beck was a Seattle born sculptor who pursued a style of assemblage abstract in artistic sculpture. Beck was one fourth Native Alaskan, and he was able to draw both inspiration and conflict from his mixed lineage. Throughout his life, Beck was able to create fine masterpieces out of assembled objects, forming public structures, industrial artworks and Inuit inspired masks. Beck started out with painting at the University of Washington, under the tutelage of artists Everett Du Pen and George Tsutakawa. He was also able to teach at the University of Oregon later on.

 Sculpture by Lawrence James beck | Photography by Bienrecu

As a sculptor, Beck began creating works on a large scale. He patronized abstract expressionism and slowly built a reputation for himself as a sculptor, accumulating several art awards and recognitions. He was very fond of using found objects to manipulate into his composition. His 1986 artwork; Punk Walrus Inua was made with whitewall tire, baby moon hubcaps, safety pins, dental mirrors and many other unrelated things. He found his parts from junkshops and old yards, accumulating them in number, till they were enough for him to make use of. Today, Beck's sculptures can be found at the Golden Gate Park in Seattle, the Bellevue Art Museum, the University of Alaska in fairbanks, and many other places around the United States.