On my travels, I came across this sculptor's works. It's a very refreshing and light-hearted style, I really couldn't help but blog a little about his work.

Naidee has a delightful understanding of his artform, choosing to portray people in a very animated, very playful visual style. His works, I believe are quite famous for the subject of "monks". I've been able to view a few of these sculptures during my trip around Asia.

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  1. This was such an interesting video! Do you think that any cultural specialists would find his art style of the monks disrespectful or solely positive? Personally, I love them- I’m not sure if that’s because I know nothing of the culture and background of his art. Also, are all of Naidee Changmog’s art pieces that large or do some come as small figurines? Most importantly, though, thank you for writing this article. I, myself, was pleasantly surprised. These sculptures are so cute and personable. I love the happy message this artist is seeking to employ. He is definitely an inspiring worker of art.

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