In 1987, Stanley Bleifeld was commissioned to create a suitable sculpture for the United State Navy Memorial. Modeled after Dan Maloney; a petty officer, The Lone Sailor is a commemorative sculpture to celebrate the hard work and effort of all sea service personnel. Blefield specifically wanted a model similar to Maloney's because he did not jive well with the more traditional honor guard models of the Navy heritage. One interesting fact was that the bronze material melted for The Lone Sailor came from things gathered from eight different Navy ships. These were provided by the Naval Historical Center.

While there are other copies of The Lone Sailor all around America, the original still embodies the true commemorative purpose of the Navy Memorial. Standing tall and proud, the sculpture gives viewers a captured look into the eyes of a man on a journey. The gestured pose of the sailor is certainly a memorable one, showcasing a traditional seaman's gaze off into the sea.

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